Learning About Becoming a WordPress Developer in Melbourne

You may think that you know everything there is about WordPress but just because you know the basics it doesn’t mean you can become a WordPress developer in Melbourne. There are a lot of things you have to understand, as the technology. If you aren’t a programmer and are just learning the material, you probably don’t’ know what PHP/MySQL are, but you can learn.

Wordpress development services in Melbourne

What to Start With

  • One of the first things to learn is PHP and MySQL and how to use them. You can’t just watch some tutorials and fully understand them; you have to learn the newest material, but there are resources that you can use. Places like Lynda and Learnable will have all of the up to date material that will teach you, and you also want to learn about MySQL performance.
  • You next want to explore Codebase; this can be found on codebase on Trac and also on Xref. You want to read all of the documentation on these places and understand how they work. And don’t be afraid to look up questions that you have on the material that isn’t familiar to you. And you should also be familiar with the structure of WordPress.
  • Do a nightly build; you can set up a development environment and work on it. This way you can stay up to date on the new features, and you can gain knowledge on how to do everything.
  • One of the best places to read about WordPress in on the WordPress website. There are discussions that take place on various websites across the web which talk about WordPress such as WooCommerce store management guides, popular plugins and anything you can think of relating to WordPress.

Start a WordPress Site

If you want to become a WordPress developer in Melbourne you are going to have to practice what you are learning, you can do this by starting your own WordPress website. However, we highly recommend you seek a digital agency with skilled developers that can build a new WordPress site from scratch. This can be something as simple as you own person website to promote your WordPress development and business. Here you can apply everything you learned, and there are some things that you can experiment with while you are practicing on your website.

It is also recommended to start a LinkedIn profile and start networking with other businesses to let them know you are out there and someone you can trust as a developer. You may also wish to use Linkedin advertising services to promote your business to find more customers outside of your network.

  • There is a list of all of the available APIs on WordPress Codex that you can experiment with and learn how to add them to the site. This will help you learn how to put each one of them on the website.
  • Ajax is another WordPress feature that you can experiment with and then you can also learn Ajax plugin and use tutorials to help you.
  • On WordPress Codex, there are WordPress PHP Classes that you can take that were created by WordPress developers. After you learn the material from these classes, you can apply them to your practice website.

Self-Care Strategies for Coping with Trauma

For many people, trauma is a life-altering experience that causes ongoing distress. If untreated, the condition can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which is much more difficult to treat. Trauma responses vary from individual to individual, and that is part of the reason the condition is so hard to treat. But with some simple self-care strategies, a person with trauma can deal with his demons. And if that is too hard, there are therapists in St Kilda who can offer help. In this post, we will focus on some great self-care strategies.

Trauma-sensitive yoga

Yoga can revitalise your mind and help you cope with difficult feelings. Some studies have shown that yoga can lessen the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Yoga, along with psychotherapy, can greatly help people dealing with trauma. From yoga, people with trauma learn to focus on the present moment and observe the thoughts and feelings without any judgment.


Since ancient times, meditation has been used to treat the symptoms of trauma. Trauma changes your brain and interferes with memory, learning, emotional regulation and impulse control. Meditation helps heal deep emotional wounding by teaching patients to observe the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings without reacting to them. Meditation is more helpful when it is combined with other treatments.


Studies have shown that sleep helps process traumatic experiences. People with trauma can optimise the process of healing by getting enough sleep. Sleep works by weakening emotions connected to traumatic experiences. Many therapists think that sleep is a very effective early prevention strategy.

Social supports

During trauma recovery, it is important to limit exposure to unsupportive and invalidating people. It has been well-established that social support has a positive influence on the recovery from post traumatic stress disorder. If a person dealing with trauma has enough social support or is undergoing trauma therapy or visiting a trauma psychologist like the one found here, healing can take place quickly. However if you decide to undergo counselling or social support then it is important to set boundaries. Healing is not a straight forward process and toxic people can lengthen and be a detriment to the healing process.


People with PTSD are not interested in performing physical exercise because they do not want to experience bodily arousal such as a racing heart and shortness of breath. Exercise helps people deal with trauma by improving sleep and decreasing anxiety and depression. To get the most out of physical exercise, you must personalise your approach to it. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you will find some forms of exercise triggering, and some will feel empowering. Your therapist can help you choose the right form of exercise.

Follow your passion

Handling trauma becomes a lot easier when you go back to the things you love. If you like to get together with friends, do so. Reading poetry and listening to music can ease the symptoms. Walk with your dog, play tennis, go hiking, ride a bike, and have coffee with a friend. Once you start doing things you used to enjoy, you will find it easy to cope with flashbacks of traumatic experiences.

Nourishing food

Changing the diet can do wonders for healing trauma. In fact, one of the core elements of healing is the food we eat. For healthy circulation of energy, antioxidants are necessary. It is also important to increase protein intake because protein calms the endocrine and nervous systems. Seeds, nuts, peas, beans, brown rice, lentils, spinach and mushrooms are high in protein.

The things mentioned above can greatly help a person deal with trauma. They all work to some extent, but the most important thing is self-compassion and self-love. Healing happens quickly when we love ourselves unconditionally.